Abilis CPX 8.7.0 released


Many new features, see highlights.


Summary of most relevant enhancements
  • Introduced "System CF" classification and handling. Reserved letter D: for a "System CF".

    Please note that if there was an Hard Disk for videosurveillance on D: it will be moved to E:

  • Double CF handling with modes NORMAL, NORMAL with MIRROR, SAFE, SAFE with MIRROR.

  • Configuration and licence provisioning, client and server.

  • LAN monitor for monitoring of devices connected to a local LAN using ARP packets, with web pages for configuration and monitor.

  • Web pages for monitoring of AIPT2 VPNs.

  • IP router extended with up to 999 IpRes and extended IPLB from 8 to 50 IpRes for each IPLB.

  • DHCP server with "per network" server or relay configuration.

  • DNS extended with whitelist

  • Summarized traffic analysis of "line load" and "top10" for classified IP interfaces (LAN, WAN, VPN, VPNW). Former traffic analyser moved from main page to Administration.

  • Automation: support for new set of RIO devices.

Other enhancements
  • LCS service in Cti Router: added "CALL-BACK" option for removal or LCS entry.

  • USB: by default the UHCI and OHCI controllers (USB 1.1) are not enabled.

  • LTE CellKey: added support for HUAWEI E3372 LTE device.

  • AIPT2: added PATHSMODE: parameter.

  • TRFA CTI: improved with retries in case of file occupied, this prevents possible data loss.

  • ISDN: added for NT the option to provide date/time in SETUP and CONNECT messages.

  • SNMP: Updated SNMP MIB to support all new features in 8.7.0.

Refer to Abilis CPX 8.7.0 release note for further information.