Abilis CPX Accounting 3.0.0 released


Required for cpx 5.6.0 and higher.


The Abilis CPX version 5.6.0 added the transcoding feature, which is a feature that allows to convert from one coder to another (e.g from G.723.1 to G.729A). The feature required new fields to be recorded and this is why accounting 3.0.0 had to come out.

Another interesting addition is the presence of an extended call identifier field, which in a single field includes date and time and the sequential id. This field allows for simpler relation discovery in transferred calls.

Cpx accounting 3.0.0 can still collect records from older Abilis CPX versions, both 1000 and 2000 series, but the file format is incompatible with the previous one. If you have older data to preserve, do not trow away 2.x.x release.

Cpx accounting 2.4.x can still receive records from Abilis cpx 5.6.0, of course the newly added fields will not be available.

Refer to Abilis CPX Accounting 3.0.0 release note for further information.