Abilis CPX 2000, release 7.10

Abilis CPX 2000, update 7.10.9

Released on April 19, 2018.



Bug fixes

Cti Router
  • Fixed processing of INFORMATION message.

    Empty INFORMATION message are not passed anymore.

    It was found that certain ISDN devices, like PABX with IVR, drop the call if they receive an empty INFORMATION message instead of silently ignore it.

    The problem was evident when sending DTMF to the IVR that in turn dropped the call.

  • Fixed preparation of CTIL statistic VFM-OVR. But bug caused the statistic was never increased even in case of discarded packet.

  • Fixed support MOH-MSG file name containing 20 characters. The limit was wrongly handled causing not working MOH.

  • Changed the condition when cluster UUIDs were cleared. Originally they were cleared when all connection on cluster were released. Now they are cleared when LAPC channel goes down. The modification should avoid false misconf detection caused by the event crossing.

  • Fixed handling of LCST table full.

    On table full any new need to insert a record was discarded, now the oldest record is removed to make room for the newest one.

  • Added generation of silence frames when an inbound callback call is proceeding or alerting to avoid underruns on the peer side.

    There was not a functional defect, just misleading statistics of VOICE-UNDERRUN in the peer side.

  • For SIP-TYPE=REMOTE-PEER or SERVER: fixed the registration timeout modification if the server side answer with shorter 'expires' value than offered.

    Due to this bug Abilis became de-registered for some seconds before being re-register, causing the drop of ongoing calls and rejection of new calls during this period.

  • For SIP-TYPE=REMOTE-PEER or SERVER: added an immediate re-registration attempt when REM-LIFETIME parameter is changed and CTISIP resource refreshed.

  • For SIP-TYPE=LOCAL-PEER or PHONE: fixed the usage of LIFETIME parameter to apply its reconfiguration (via INIT RES:CTISIP) at the next re-registration attempt, not before.

    The bug caused a temporary deregistration if the LIFETIME value was shortened.

  • For SIP-TYPE=LOCAL-PEER or PHONE: added a slight random variation of registration and subscription lifetime with lowest limit of 20 seconds.

  • Fixed bug in 3PTRANSFER command (third part transfer ordered from OPC).

    Numbers longer then 18 digits was rejected. The limit now is properly set to 20.

  • Fixed bug in 3PTRANSFER command (third part transfer ordered from OPC).

    Numbers longer then 18 digits was rejected. The limit now is properly set to 20.

Voice Mail
  • Fixed the Cleaner thread to periodically check and delete unused xxx.TM2 files.

    Due to this bug it was possible to "forget" xxx.TM2 files in the TMP directory, and also have 100% cpu consumption.

  • Added POTS EEPROM re-read in case of troubles.

  • Fixed possible exception when EEPROM reading fails.

  • Applied workaround for Sim5210/5218 bug that in some installations provided incorrect calling number in received calls. The calling number of the previous call was returned instead of the correct one.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented to work with operator codes for which an operator name was not available.

    This situation can occur since the operator names is provided by the module itself and may not be updated with newer operators.

Ip Router
  • Fixed bug on COS balance activation/deactivation: INIT RES:IPRTR didn't apply the change.

  • Added protection to avoid that m_SeqMax32 is changed by an out-of-sequence packet during resync procedure.

    This weakness could generate random MISSING data counter values.

  • Added support for DNS query of type 'AAAA' (IPv6 address).

  • Fixed management of DNS requests with ID 0 that cause record leaking.

Dhcp Client
  • Removed UNK-IPP statistic because unnecessary.

  • Added DENIED-SRV statistics, increased when the server response is discarded because it does not satisfy IPSRC/IPSRCLIST setting.

Dhcp Server
  • Added a log message when the renew or requests is for an IP address not managed by the dhcp server, i.e. not present in POOLS, BINDS, HOSTS.

  • Renamed UNK-IPP to UNK-IPRES.

Traffic Analyser IP
  • Fixed a bug when IP range is used to filter the graph. The END range was not properly handled causing wrong data on the graph.

Ip Shaping
  • Fixed bug in RULE table: time interval made wrong check with day of week.

  • Fixed bug in SSH CLIENT that could cause loss of a session in frozen condition.

  • Fixed bug in SSH SERVER that could cause loss of a session in frozen condition.

  • Fixed bug in TELNET CLIENT that could cause loss of a session in frozen condition.

  • Fixed bug in TELNET SERVER that could cause loss of a session in frozen condition.

  • Added DENIED-IP statistic counter. Increased each time a request is discarded due to IPSRC and IPSRCLIST.

  • DHCPC: removed UNK-IPP that was not used, added DENIED-SRV. Changed eCxDhcpcStUnknownIpPortIn into eCxDhcpcStDeniedSrvIn. Updated MIB and html document.

  • DHCP: changed UNK-IPP stat into UNK-IPRES. Changed eCxDhcpStUnknownIpPortIn into eCxDhcpStUnknownIpResIn. Updated MIB and html document.

  • Fixed IP/VPN status page: 'Res', 'Subtype' and 'Description were printed in lowercase regardless to the original case.

  • Added an error recovery for a seldom situation.

    Recover is done executing a USB RESET if the communication with the device returns TIMEOUT consecutively for 10 seconds.

  • For versions AX88772B and AX88772C added the whole chip reset procedure to successfully recover from a USB speed mismatch error.

    Unfortunately chips 88772A and 88772 does not offer such command and can't be reset.

Control Port
  • Fixed typos in several helps.

  • IPSRCLIST helps: fixed and homogenized in all resources.

  • SYS UPDATE Z command: fixed not released system updating service when the connection is closed during the file transfer.

Abilis CPX 2000, update 7.10.8

Released on June 20, 2017.


  • Changed 'tcpwin' parameter range from 2048..65535 to 8192..65535. Values below 8192 are changed at start-up

Bug fixes

Cti Cluster
  • Fixed and improved the procedure to open/close cluster links.

    The bug left the cluster in an inconsistent state causing the persistent refusal of all subsequent calls, with a cluster misconfiguration detected and indicated in system log.

  • Improved handling of cluster link internal structures upon INIT CITSYS command.

    In some specific situations the internal structures was damaged causing a persistent cluster misconfiguration condition.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the use of CTI cluster names starting with 'g' or 'G' character in 'SR' and 'OUT' fields of CTI Routings and in 'Px' fields of CTI Groups (BAD VALUE error was always returned). The bug was present starting with version 8.1.0.

  • Added automatic recovery in case of fake cluster misconfiguration detection.

    The bug caused a fake and permanent condition, reported in system log as 'W: Locally detected misconf CTICL', and the rejection of the call.

  • Extended the cluster misconfiguration detection procedure.

    When also the peer Abilis is equipped with version 8.4.4 or higher the log message now occupies three lines and indicates whether the misconfiguration detection occurred on plink (permanent link) or slink (ISDN backup) channel, local and remote cluster name and cluster id, remote Abilis ID.

    1st line can be one of these possibilities:
    W: CTICL misconf-SLINK (LD).
    W: CTICL misconf-PLINK (LD).
    W: CTICL misconf-SLINK (RD).
    W: CTICL misconf-PLINK (RD).
    W: CTICL misconf (RD).
    2nd line can be one of these possibilities:
    W: Local:<local_clus_name>[<local_clus_id]
    3rd line can be one of these possibilities:
    W: Remote:<remote_clus_name>[<remote_clus_id>], ABILIS-ID:<remote_abilis_id>
    W: Remote:<remote_clus_name>[<remote_clus_id>], ABILIS-ID:N/A
    W: Remote:N/A, ABILIS-ID:N/A  
    LD = Locally detected
    RD = locally detected
    PLINK = Permanenly link interface
    SLINK = Switched link (ISDN) interface
    W: CTICL misconf-SLINK (LD).
    W: Local:CARRIER[1]
    W: Remote:CUSTOMER[450], ABILIS-ID:1400554
Call Forwards
  • Fixed a bug in call forward/fork when user preferences are set to Real Calling: the TON/NP was incorrectly forced to unknown/unknown (ux) instead of being transparently passed. The bug was not present if call forward/fork was due to advanced preferences.

  • Fixed CLIP number provision.

    The number normalization was not performed, so that the national and international numbers where delivered without the corresponding prefixes.

    Now the proper prefix is added if the parameter TON-TO-PREFIX in CTISYS is set to YES (default).

    [12:04:38] ABILIS_CPX:_d p ctisys
    RES:CtiSys --------------------------------------------------------------------
    Run    DESCR:CTI_System_general_properties
           - Router ---------------------------------------------------------------
           NAT-PREFIX:0        INT-PREFIX:00      COUNTRY-CODE:39
    Numbers shown with bug
    u348xxx -> 348xxx
    n376xxx -> 376xxx
    i44xxx  -> 44xxx
    Numbers shown without bug
    u348xxx -> 348xxx
    n376xxx -> 0376xxx
    i44xxx  -> 0044xxx

Mail notifications
  • Fixed calling and called number normalization (see Pots fix for examples).

    The numbers provided in the messages where not normalized, so that the national and international numbers where delivered without the corresponding prefixes.

    Now the proper prefix is added if the parameter TON-TO-PREFIX in CTISYS is set to YES (default).

Voice recorder
  • Fixed calling and called number normalization (see Pots fix for examples).

    The numbers provided in the messages where not normalized, so that the national and international numbers where delivered without the corresponding prefixes.

    Now the proper prefix is added if the parameter TON-TO-PREFIX in CTISYS is set to YES (default).

Operator Panel control
  • Number normalization has been changed to depend only on CTISYS parameter TON-TO-PREFIX.

    The dependency on the chain user-ctisys TON-TO-PRERIX values caused incorrect situations.

  • Extended opc debug lsn:8 (calls trace) with attributes added to called and calling number.

  • Fixed CELL-ERR: indication.

    In case that the AT interface initialisation could not be completed the 'NO-SIM' indication was improperly reported; now 'AT-INIT-FAILED' is properly indicated.

Ip Router
  • IPFLOW: added fragment indication when packet is fragmented (F-FRAG for first frag, N-FRAG for next frag).

  • IPFLOW: added IP and ICMP identifiers (IP-ID or ICMP-ID).

  • Added TCP-MSS-CLAMP current value for AIPT IPRES, under DEBUG RES:IPRTR LSN:60 and 61.

  • PINGSTAT: fixed error message when a parameter value is out-of-range.

Ip Resource
  • Changed default 'FRAG' value from NO to AIPT when subtype is AIPT/AIPT-BCK.

  • Fixed bug on TCP MSS CLAMP for subtype AIPT: it didn't properly consider all the overhead bytes.

    The bug caused the generation of packets greater than FRAGSIZE: value, with the risk of further IP-level fragmentation.

    The actual TCP MSS CLAMP value and TCP MSS CLAMP statistics are visible under IPRTR debugs, LSN:60 and 61,

  • Changed default 'FRAGSIZE' value from 1400 to 1480, when FRAG:AIPT.

  • Added 'longest packet' and 'fragmented packets' statistics for subtype AIPT, under DEBUG RES:Ip-x PROT:PLINKE LSN:16.

    • ENC-xxx values include the OUTER tunnel envelope, therefore it is the actual IP packet length as sent/received on the physical line

    • PAY-xxx are the lengths of tunnel payload packets

    • FRAX-xxx are the number of payload packets that had to be link-fragmented by AIPT fragmentation.

    [18:09:29] ABILIS_CPX:_debug res:ip-227 prot:plinke  lsn:16
    RES:Ip-227 - IP over IP (Abilis tunnel) (AIPT) --------------------------------
           BufferLength:64512  Date/Time:29/05/2017 18:09:41 TraceTime:437820263
           WARNINGS: PAY-DATA and FRAG-xxx are available only for FRAG:AIPT
                     FRAG-xxx are available only for LCOMP:NO and LCR:NO/VOICE
           Longest tunnel packets - outer (encapsulated) and payload
           ENC-DATA   |       1480|       1480|PAY-DATA   |       1492|       1500|
           ENC-VOICE  |          -|          -|PAY-VOICE  |          -|          -|
           ENC-CHK    |         55|         55|PAY-CHK    |         15|         15|
           Fragmented DATA payload packets (FRAG:AIPT only)
           FRAG-TOT   |       2868|         11|
           FRAG-TCP   |          2|          0|FRAG-ICMP  |          0|          0|
           FRAG-UDP   |       2866|         11|FRAG-OTHER |          0|          0|

  • D NAT command: added the possibility to specify more then one priority value (e.g. a list of values or a range of values).

  • Added extra header information in checksum error log, visible with DEBUG RES:NAT LSN:4 CMD:EXT.

  • Fixed TCP-RESET statistic to be increased only when a TCP RESET is really sent.

    The bug caused a completely wrong increase, almost for every packet.

  • Fixes to permit an appropriate trace of packets delivered to "internal UDP" in all situations. The updated TrcConv/TrcMgrW is also required.

  • Fixed a bug that in some rare case could impede the correct link activation.

Trace Manager
  • Fixed payload content for 'Internal UDP' format in 'To .pcap' traces conversions: the correct posted NCB_SEND payload is retrieved from corresponding issued NCB_SEND (if traced).

  • Fixed 'Internal UDP' format in 'To .pcap' traces conversions: added IP and UDP header reconstruction. It is necessary in those cases when IPRTR changes the NCB_SEND buffer content received from UDP (because of fragmentation, NAT and so on).

Abilis CPX 2000, update 7.10.7

Released on March 16, 2017.


Boot Manager (BM)
  • Added BM version identification, which is made available in D I, SYS BMVERIFY, SYS BMINSTALL commands. In Abilis 7.10.7 the BM version is 2034.4.

  • BM log has been fixed of a recirculation bug and now provides more precise information.

  • If keyboard is connected, the DEL key does not cause reboot anymore.

  • Starting with versions 7.10.7 and 8.4.2, BM requires at least 64 Mbytes, but it is backward compatible with previous Abilis versions since 7.0.0, that require at least 32 MBytes. In future Abilis will also require at least 64 Mbytes.

  • Due to important improvements and fixes it is recommended to update older BM version to this new one.

Control Port
  • Added commands to verify and install Boot Manager (BM).

    BootManager must be installed on all disks that M/B BIOS can use for booting, i.e. all SATA and IDE disks. It is NOT necessary to install BM on USB disks.

    [19:10:11] ABILIS_CPX:sys bmverify ?
    SYS BMVERIFY [<drive>]                Verify Boot Manager on all mounted disks,
                                          or on the specified one (file BM.RTA).
    <drive>    Drive name [C:,..,Z:]                                     <Optional>
    [19:10:17] ABILIS_CPX:sys bmverify
    Verify Boot Manager on all mounted disks (file BM.RTA).
    Drive  Version   Date         Time                Size
    C:     2034.4    16/03/2017   19:10:10          249856
    D:     Error [ -9]: file not found
    [19:10:23] ABILIS_CPX:                                                                                                                                  
    [19:10:32] ABILIS_CPX:sys bminstall ?
    SYS BMINSTALL <drive> [<ver>|<path>][-F]  Installs Abilis Boot Manager, BM.RTA
                                              file, to the specified drive.
                                              The BM.RTA is created from the BM.RTB
                                              file located in the directory of the
                                              running version, unless a different
                                              location is specified.
    <drive>    Target drive name [C:,..,Z:]                             <Mandatory>
    <ver>      Abilis version directory where 'BM.RTB' file is located, <Optional>
               in the format [x.y.z or x-y-z or y.z or y-z or y],
               (E.g.: 5.3.1 or 6-1-0 or 2189).
    <path>     Full path of the directory where 'BM.RTB' file            <Optional>
               is located. Physical full path in DOS notation,
               i.e. starting with a drive letter in the range ['A'..'Z']
               and ending with the '\' character. Spaces are allowed.
               Strings holding spaces must be written between quotation marks
               (E.g.: "C:\My dir").
    -F         Force Boot Manager version downgrade                      <Optional>
    [19:10:35] ABILIS_CPX:sys bminstall c:
    PROCEED (NO/YES)?yes
    INSTALLING 'C:\7-10-7\BM.RTB' ON DRIVE 'C:'... DONE.
    [19:10:41] ABILIS_CPX:                                                                
    [19:10:41] ABILIS_CPX:d i
       Abilis CPX - Ver. 7.10.7/STD - Build 3858.17 - Branch 7.10 - 16/03/2017
                                (c) 1994/2017 - Abilis
    ABILIS-ID: 1600052
    Free/Total Memory (in byte): 194,805,888/260,046,848
    Free/Used/Total HD/CF space (in Kibyte): 306,256/197,144/503,400
    File           Version   Date         Time             Size   Note
    CPX.RTB        .......   16/03/2017   13:21:18      6145271
    BM.RTB         2034.4    16/03/2017   13:21:14       247803 
    [19:11:09] ABILIS_CPX:                                                                  

  • Added DEBUG FILE CONF command. It displays the internal file system driver configuration.

    [19:09:40] ABILIS_CPX:debug file conf
    RTF configuration:
    - Maximum number of physical disks: 32
    - Maximum number of drives:         25
    - Maximum number of files:          135
    - Maximum number of buffers:        1024
    - Sector buffer size:               512
    [19:09:43] ABILIS_CPX:    
  • Added D PCIDEVE command. It displays extended informations.

  • Improved D DEV output. Now "Active PCI Devices" shows PCI vs PCIe bus type and clearly indicates if SlotId is manually reconfigured for the use at next boot.

  • Added Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. P43-ES3G into multicore enabled list.

  • Changed the (re)assignment order of PCI/PCIe cards. Now the PCIe cards are assigned first, moreover on some specific motherboards the PCIe order is reversed in order to guarantee that on-board ethernet is preferably assigned to ETH-1, currently are: D2594-A1, ga-p43-es3g, ga-p31-ds3l.

  • Added up to 2 decimals when displaying PING and PINGSTAT packet loss percentage.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed RecordRoute and Route header fields building in case of multiple header rows, a wrong check caused garbage to be added in some conditions.

  • Fixed some bugs in sip log.

  • Fixed SIP-MAXSES-IN handling in calls from SIP device to Abilis: even if set to 0 it allowed the call.

Ip Router
  • Removed VRRP parameter from VIRTUAL IpRes because it is not used.

Dhcp Client
  • Removed the need of 'server identifier' match when receiving ACK or NAK packets: the rfc does not mandate the match and certain redundant DHCP servers provide unmatched 'server identifier', this scenario is real and legit.

  • Fixed infinite loop in case of wrong SSL certificates.

  • Added protection against never-ending device auto-restart when auto-restart doesn't recover the functionality. Max 3 auto-restarts are made in this case.

  • Fixed troubles during D SE ETHUSB-x when issued in time when device is disconnected.

Abilis CPX 2000, update 7.10.6

Released on December 27, 2016.



Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in auto-answer request to the phone when calls were ordered from operator panel control. The auto-answer was issued for the first call while it must be issued for the second one. The bug has been introduced in 7.10.3.

Usb-Ethernet adapter
  • Added automatic recovery feature in presence of USB problems.

Abilis CPX 2000, update 7.10.5

Released on December 19, 2016.


  • Added support for VDSL2 firmware version 2.00.

Bug fixes

Voice Mail
  • Fixed a rare case where the disconnection from VM caused a blockage of CTIR, requiring a system reboot.

  • Fixed a bug that caused certain SIP call to be missing in TRFA statistics for users, and to be recorded with improper RULE in Call Logs.

Ip Router
  • Fixed a bug that in same rare circumstances, and when VRRP is in use, caused a software exception and system reboot.

  • The version 2.00 fixes a problem of corrupted packets with high speed downloads on Picoabilis, and on all Abilis equipped with VIA-C3 and VIA-C7 processors.

  • Several minor fixes and improvements.

Abilis CPX 2000, update 7.10.4

Released on November 18, 2016.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a critical bug in Ssh that causes Abilis to reboots if a specially crafted packet is received during the diffie-ellman negotiation.

Isdn QPRIX - PB44X
  • Fixed a bug when the HDLC controllers are used in transparent mode with SWAC. The bug appeared after a park/retrieve sequence and consisted of a destroyed audio stream.

  • Fixed call reservation (*9) to permit it only when the call did not reach alerting state.

Vpots (pcphone)
  • Fixed call reservation (*9) to permit it only when the call did not reach alerting state.

  • Changed the way how the disconnect phase to allow call reservation (*9) is handled since some kind of telephones, e.g. Yealink T29 and T27, reacted badly.

  • Fixed call reservation (*9) to permit it only when the call did not reach alerting state.

  • Added support to OPC remote NUM-PREFIX when calling or transferring to remote Abilis identities.

  • Fixed a bug with protection timer on CANCEL command transmission. The timer was started upon reception of acknowledge but it must be started when CANCEL is sent instead.

  • Fixed the Inversion of CONN-TO and CONN-FROM in SIP channel diagnostics.

  • Fixed missing RELEASE INDICATION when receiving a CANCEL with malformed reason. If it occurred in a particular condition it lead to a permanent SIP session occupation in DISCONNECTING state.

Cti router
  • Fixed a bug that in some situations missed to clear the call state in OPC when a call is manually cleared by C CTIC command.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause sw exception and system restart in case of cluster reconfiguration during INIT CTISYS.

  • Fixed the DtoS transfer procedure when incoming side - DISA - is in Active/Idle state and outgoing side - SIP - is in Alerting state. The NOTIFY event was not provided to DISA to instruct it to generate the alerting tone.

  • Fixed a bug that in some rare case caused the POECLI blockage upon a INIT command.

  • Fixed bug in REST command: it caused RETR command to resume file download always from position 0, thus corrupting the received file.

  • Fixed a bug that caused NAT to avoid translations of packets with protocol different from ICMP/TCP/UDP/GRE, even if PROT was set to *.

Adsl - Vdsl2 modem
  • Added support for sending debug commands to the modem. Requires firmware >=1.04

  • Added USB 1.1/2.0 speed mismatch detection and recovery.

Control Port

  • TRACE DISPLAY command: extended 'CMD' filter by adding the possibility to specify a set of NCB types that must be displayed or hidden.

  • 'SYS UPDATE [Z]' command, fixed blockage of the CP session in CLEARING state when the connection is closed during packages extraction.

  • SYS DIR command: fixed wrong total file size value (overflow of the accumulator of files size, now changed from DWORD to uint64_t).

  • FILE GET [Z] command: changed opening file mode to 'eOpenReadOnly' to allow the transfer of read-only files.

Abilis CPX 2000, update 7.10.3

Released on September 20, 2016.


  • Extended DEBUG IRQ output by adding the percentage of CPU time and IRQ/s.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 7.10.2 that prevented poecli from working over ethernet.

Isdn BRI
  • Fixed a bug when setting OPSTATE:DOWN for BRI ports that caused an abnormal cpu load.

  • Fixed bug that caused D D IKE to keep garbage to SA when state was considered not printable. This caused missing display information during D D IKE command.

  • Fixed a bug that in some cases of many sessions, e.g. SIP with sesnum:255, caused a failure in values loading.

  • Improved diagnostic with faster reaction time on changes.

Abilis CPX 2000, update 7.10.2

Released on September 12, 2016.


  • Added support for Abilis VDSL2 modem in ADSL mode only. This feature is intended only to allow a replacement of discontinued ADSL modems.

  • Enabled SMTP for any class-id.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed TI (Time Interval) parsing whenever it is used (Cti routings, resources, etc ...): now it is possible to enter value case in-sensitive.

  • Fixed a bug in session re-use. I a command requires to proceed even if the cp session disconnects (e.g. command can't be aborted), the session was reused too early appearing as a blocked sessions. Now it is skipped until the command completes.

  • System log: fixed alternation of reading/writing not fully protected that can cause the file to remain opened.

  • Fixed a bug in too-early reuse of RTP sessions that caused an unnecessary call failure. The problem was evident when CTIG or alternative routing caused a fast repetition of a call.

  • Fixed a bug in NLST command: there was a slash character at the beginning of each file name.

  • Fixed bug with V-RED-FM and V-RED-VOICE statistics: they were counted only for single path and not for link.

Abilis CPX 2000, update 7.10.1

Released on June 17, 2016.


  • Large performance improvements in presence of many (250) AIPT resources in MODE:EXT-SERVER.

  • Modified the range of LOCIPADD and LOCIPADD2:

    • OUT-IP is now valid only for MODE:STD, EXT, EXT-CLIENT, it is not valid anymore for EXT-SERVER

    • The value * (asterisk) has been introduced for MODE:EXT-SERVER.

      With LOCIPADD:*, which is the default, the EXT-SERVER will accept connections on any of the local IP address of Abilis, and will automatically use it as source IP for the packets sent back to EXT-CLIENT.

    • In MODE:EXT-SERVER the value in LOCIPADD (LOCIPADD2) is used to filter the incoming packets. If the destination IP of incoming packets does not match the LOCIPADD (LOCIPADD2) value the packet is silently discarded.

  • Changed diagnostics for EXT-SERVER, now the LOCIP currently in use is indicated.

  • Performance improvements in presence of many (250) PV resources in MODE:EXT-SERVER.

Bug fixes

  • Disabled ethernet level flow control in Realtek Gigabit and Broadcom Gigabit (for other cards it was already disabled)

    We experienced that in many situations it slows down excessively.

  • Broadcom: counters of NOBUF and RX-OR when not updated when required.

  • Fixed task switching problem when 3PT/ANY is performed to forward a call to the same port. The bug caused frozen connection in CTIR and OPC.

  • Fixed SDP in keepalives in outgoing calls, just the negotiated codec is listed now.

    It may have caused trouble to certain sensitive devices, causing the drop of the call due to missing/incomplete keepalive answer.

Operator Panel Control
  • Fixed problem when deleting groups: the interface was not always reassigned to Main group.

Abilis CPX 2000, update 7.10.0

Released on May 10, 2016.



Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the simultaneous activation of all ports each time ELTI went UP, that in turn caused a high current peak required to power supply.

    When using POTSBOX8-16-24 there was o visible effect, but with certain samples of POTSBOX32 the POTSBOX32 stops to work.

    Abilis versions up to 7.9.8 included are not affected.

    The problem has been removed in version 7.10.0 and 8.3.6.

Packet Voice
  • Fixed a bug in NOBUF handling.

    The recovery from nobuf condition was not accurate and it may trigger a persistent nobuf until all voice calls are closed for some time.

Operator panel control
  • When using POTS interface with DEVICE:PHONE the accept icon was enabled even in situation where it had to be disabled.

User call log
  • Fixed a bug that in some circumstances caused the file corruption and/or system reset.