Abilis CPX Accounting for Linux, release 2.0

Abilis CPX Accounting for Linux, update 2.0.1

Released on January 2, 2012.



Bug fixes


  • In versions up to 2.0.0 the GMT date/time was wrongly computed: the GMT difference was wrongly summed and DST offset was ignored.

  • Added upgrade.sh script that permits an upgrade from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1 without the need of a complete reinstalling.


  • Fixed filtering of fields containing NULL value: records containing such fields were omitted when applying a filter.

    Fields with NULL value occurs if you have records in the database and you perform an upgrade which adds new fields, the new fields have NULL value, for example it happens for fields user_in and user_out, and for calls already in the database, when you upgraded from version < 1.1.0 to version >= 1.1.0.

  • Bottom page links (newer, newest, older, oldest) in filtered views did not consider the output of the filter, as a result clicking on the link shown either a wrong page or an empty page.

Abilis CPX Accounting for Linux, update 2.0.0

Released on November 9, 2011.


  • Collector is now provided with scripts for binary installation / uninstallation, install.sh and uninstall.sh. Using this scripts it is possible to provide a package with precompiled binary, so the end user doesn't need to compile the collector himself anymore. Instructions on how to create a binary redistributable package are included in HOWTO-PREPARE-BIN-PKG.txt

  • Default directory was moved from /etc/collector to /opt/abilis. Configuration files are now stored in /etc/opt/abilis and var files (log, pid, queue) in /var/opt/abilis

  • Added support for CTIAS connection types:

    0x29  AtoV  AS to Voice connection   
    0x2A  AtoC  AS to Cluster connection   
    0x2B  AtoI  AS to IAX connection   
    0x2C  AtoH  AS to H.323 connection   
    0x2D  AtoD  AS to DISA connection  
    0x2E  AtoS  AS to SIP connection   
    0x2F  VtoA  Voice to AS connection   
    0x30  CtoA  Cluster to AS connection   
    0x31  ItoA  IAX to AS connection   
    0x32  HtoA  H.323 to AS connection   
    0x33  DtoA  DISA to AS connection  
    0x34  StoA  SIP to AS connection   
    0x35  AtoA  AS to AS connection

  • Added support for CTIAS port type:

    0xA AS port

  • The collector can now be built with libmysqlclient statically compiled in order to prevent dependencies problems when installing on heterogeneous systems

  • Added a script for database installation, database/install.sh

  • The version 2.0.0 requires a database upgrade, which has to be performed with database/upgrade.sh script.

  • None

Bug fixes


rc*.d links creation is now performed with update-rc.d or chkconfig. The old method (manually linking /etc/init.d/collector to /etc/rc*.d) didn't work on recent distros based on upstart.

Changed the linking order of mysqlclient library in Makefile.in. Old linking order gave an error on mysqlclient when compiling on ubuntu 10.10

Added the following connection types into database:

0x1D  DtoD  DISA to DISA connection  
0x1E  StoV  SIP to voice connection  
0x1F  StoC  SIP to cluster connection  
0x20  StoI  SIP to IAX connection  
0x21  StoH  SIP to H.323 (Internet) connection   
0x22  StoD  SIP to DISA connection   
0x23  VtoS  Voice to SIP connection  
0x24  CtoS  Cluster to SIP connection  
0x25  ItoS  IAX to SIP connection  
0x26  HtoS  H.323 (Internet) to SIP connection
0x27  DtoS  DISA to SIP connection   
0x28  StoS  SIP to SIP connection