Abilis CPX 8.9.0 released


This update has many new features. Please read the highlights in this news and the more detailed release note.


Here is a very short list of the most relevant new features

  • Automatic configuration conversion.

  • Semi-automatic version update procedure.

  • Control port login via individual username/password, as alternative to the usual way.

  • Support of exFAT file system.

  • IKE/IPSEC largely improved. Support of IKE AGGRESSIVE mode.

  • SIP redesigned with lot of enhancements. New NNI sip type compliant with ST-769.

  • CTI: local storage of CDR (call-data-records).

  • CTI: new INP list (ISDN Number Pair).

  • SNMP: updated MIB to support the new features.

Refer to Abilis CPX 8.9.0 release note for further information.