Abilis CPX 7.0.0 released


Abilis CPX Major release.


This major release of Abilis CPX introduces many new features, but above all it introduces a licencing mechanism which is described in details in the release notes.

The support of floppy disk has been deprecated. To install Abilis CPX you need a compact flash reader connected to a Windows PC.

There are some issues related to Boot Manager, please read carefully the release notes.

There is support for a lot of new stuff, BS48, Compact Abilis, Simbox, Sim remotization, UMTS Key, Dual OS systems (Abilis VMX), Citobox, QPRIX and PB44X embedded vocoders, and so on.

Supplementary service keycode *57 has been moved to *54, and *57 has now a different action. Please carefully read the CTI - User preferences section of release notes.

Refer to Abilis CPX 7.0.0 release note for further information.