Abilis CPX 6.1.0 released


Abilis 6.1.0 final


The most significant enhancements in this release are:

  • Complete handling of ISDN number attributes TON/NP/PI/SI in all places where ISDN numbers are involved.

  • Support of GPRS and HSDPA data connections with the UMTS-BOX.

  • Simplified GSM/UMTS configuration by the use of CELLBOX-x pseudo device.

  • New list type INR (ISDN number replacement). It allows to use a single routing to modify CDO and CGO depending on CDI value.

  • Increased maximal number of list items from 2000 to 4000.

  • Added CLIP-RULE to better manage CLIP in public service environments.

  • Call transfers can now occur in any state of the original call.

  • Added Audio Compressors DSPs tests, manual and automatic.

  • Extended CTIDISA with TOUT-CDO, which allows to call a predefined number when the caller does not enter any digit.

  • Added SSH version 2.0.

  • Added SSL version 3.

  • Added UPNP server.

  • Added in NAT the UPNP support and extended NAT filtering capability.

  • VRRP can now be configured with more dependency resources.

  • FTP now allows to configure a home directory for Anonymous user.

  • The utilities that manage Abilis traces can now export to various Wireshark formats.

Refer to Abilis CPX 6.1.0 release note for further information.