Abilis CPX 5.6.0 released


Devices and applications that supports IAX protocol can now connect to Abilis CPX: Asterisk, Idefisk, Cubix, IaxPhone, IaxComm, IaxTalk, Diax, as well as IAX enabled phones like the AT-320. Important improvements in H.323 gatekeeper, DNS, NAT. Beta version of GSM gateway.


From this milestone version the Abilis CPX widely supports any IAX enabled devices and application. The devices and the applications were successfully tested by the Abilis development team with coders G.711-Alaw, G.729A, G.723.1, GSM (only pass-through).

Enhanced transcoding features have been added to routing types CtoC, CtoI, ItoC, HtoC, CtoH, ItoI, this means that it is possible to have an Abilis in the middle between a Abilis cluster running G.723.1 with fax relay and an Asterisk running G.711-Alaw!

The DNS resource now embeds a resolver cache and a limited server service. The functionalities of resolver, relay, server can be all active simultaneously.

NAT can now be configured with a maximal limit of translations that can be opened by the same source IP. Very useful firewall feature to protect from DOS attacks.

H.323 gatekeeper allows to specify H.323 identifiers and E.164 numbers and prefixes. H.323 <-> Abilis Cluster calls are now possible, also with transcoding.

Refer to Abilis CPX 5.6.0 release note for further information.