Forthcoming Abilis CPX 5.6.0.


Release 5.6.0 will offer IAX support and an improved Gatekeeper client.


Release 5.6.0 of Abilis CPX will offer support for IAX (Inter Asterisk eXchange) protocol with a broad range of coders: G.711, G.726/727, G.723.1, G.729. The integration with Abilis CPX will be high and it will allow since beginning the interconnection of IAX devices Asterisk with ISDN and POTS, as well as internetworking with Abilis clusters, as well as behave as a small PABX for IAX phones.

IAX<->Abilis cluster interconnection will allow a end-to-end coder negotiation plus a transcoding mechanism which will allow to use TWO different coders on the two sides of the connection, for example G.723.1 on Abilis cluster and G.711 on the IAX channel.

Another important presence is an improved Gatekeeper, that now allows to register H323 identifiers, E.164 numbers, and prefixes. It offers minimal gatekeeper functionalities for Registration and Resource Location, it does not support Call Admission messages.